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1) The woman who is a doctor.

2) Ann works for a company that makes washing machines.

3) Jack who speakes German, works as a tourist guide.

4) We stayed at the Hilton Hotel which Ann recommended to us.

5) That morning i met my friend who i haven't seen for ages.

6) There are some words which are difficult to pronounce.

7) We often go to Brigton that is only 30 minutes.


1) The programme consist of several parts: talk showes, music clips, interviews.

2) There're more than 4000 viewers that whatch the channel regulary.

3) Russian TV offered different talk showes last year.

4) There're plenty of different ads on TV, but some of them were of bad quality a year ago.

5) The next year the British viewers will watch a lot of sport competitions.

6) She's been studing English for the last 10 years.

7)I've been working in the library since 1998 as a librarian.

8) "Ford" Corporation has produced nice cars since the last centure.

9) My friends has won a competition.

10) Jack's arrived just home.


1) When are large areas of forests burnt?

2) What do children enjoy according to UN Convention?

3) Where wasn't anything but a carton of juice?

4) What surprised us very mach?

5) Who was angry with his behaiviour and him to leave the hall?

6) Where were your friends travalling at this time?

7) Who will be having a driving test at this time tomorrow?

8) Since what timehas the calendar greatly changed?

9) How oten are lectures held?

10) What does his car need very often?



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