Помогите пожалуйста исправить ошибки в английском тексте. Я написала сочинение, но я плохо знаю английский, поэтому в моём тексте могут быть ошибки, помогите пожалуйста проверить это!!! Заранее спасибо!!
My best and memorable day in my life is considered the new year! On the eve of my always covers the strange feeling that something needs to happen and joyful magical. Throughout the festive atmosphere , all selected beautiful Christmas tree, buy different fruits , sweets, prepare gifts for loved ones.

We begin preparing for the holiday in advance. Clean the house , decorate the Christmas tree ,Decorate the room with balls, garlands, beautiful toys. Mom always cooks for the holiday table something unusual and very tasty. I try not to sleep time of arrival of the new year under the chiming clock . After the final blow on the street fireworks begins, which can last for an hour! We usually have fun, hold various contests , dance, sing . It's really fun!

Especially good when New Year's Eve worth frosty snowy weather. In windows of all the houses flashing colored lights . Celebrating and having fun .Apparently, due to the fact that the New Year a general holiday , celebrate it so fun!


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My most loved and memorable day in the year is the New Year’s Eve when I am full of an unusual feeling that something joyful and magical is going to happen. In the festive atmosphere, everyone is busy buying a beautiful Christmas tree, various fruits, sweets, and preparing gifts for the loved ones.

We begin preparing for the holiday in advance. We clean the house, decorate the Christmas tree, decorate our room with balls, garlands, and beautiful toys. Mom always cooks dishes for the holiday table, something special and very tasty. I try not to oversleep the moment when the New Year arrives with the chiming clock upon whose final blow fireworks begin cracking in the streets. They may last for an hour! We usually have fun, hold various competition,
we dance and sing. It's a real fun!

It is especially good when there is frosty snowy weather on the New Year's Eve. There are flashing colored lights in the windows of every house. People are celebrating the coming of the New Year and having fun, as it is a holiday for everyone.