1. Choose the correct word from a, b or c.

1 Brian _____ me since March.

a. has not phoned b. have not phoned c. have phoned

2 Employees _________ bad language at work.

a. mustn’t use b. must use c. must to use

3 What _______ in your job exactly?

a. have you to do b. do you have to do c. do you have do

4 _________ the boss about our mistakes?

a. we must tell b. do we must tell c. Must we tell

5 I ______ work very long hours.

a. not have to b. doesn’t have to c. don’t have to

6Moscowis _____ thanNovosibirsk.

a. bigger b. big c. the biggest

7 _____ CV with a cover letter?

a. I should send b. Should I send c. Do I should send

8Cambridgeis one of _____ cities inEurope.

a. old b. older than c. the oldest

9 You _______ the advice of your parents and friends.

a. should not ignore b. should ignore c. should to ignore

10Madridis _______Rome.

a. expensive than b. more expensive than c. most expensive than


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