Английский 8 класс помогите написать пересказ от 1 лица, краткий, заменяя слова более лёгкими. Стрелками показано, что вставлено в текст.


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Can your actions make difference to the future of our planet?

They certainly can. If you do something good to our planet, other people will do the same.
Here are some ways in which you can begin trying to save the Earth.
1.       Try not to waste energy.
2.       Keep yourself informed about environmental problems
3.       Don’t throw away things that might be useful to other people
4.       Take your rubbish to local recycling centres
5.       Use both sides of paper
6.       Never drop litter
It won’t be easy to follow these rules. But if you carry out some of them you will know that you are saving the Earth.