Write questions to these answers, please:

1. I bought everything I needed

2. I'd like to buy a present for my wife

3. Show me something in blue.

4. We've got a rich collection of fantasy

5. It seems to be a bit too tight for you

6. £5.30

7. I usually pay cash.

8. No, I don't like them.

9. They fit me all right

10. No, thank you, I'm just looking.


Ответы и объяснения


1.Are you bought everything than I needed?

2.Would you like to buy a present for my wife?

3.Are you show a something in blue?

4.Have us got a rich collection of fantasy?

5.Do not you think that it is hard for you?

6.How much is it?

7.Нow do you usually pay?

8.Do you like them?

9.Аs they fit on you?

10.Can I help you?

Лучший Ответ!

1)What did you buy?

2)What would you like to buy for your wife?

3)In what colour I will show you?

4)What what kind ofcollection have you got?

5)For whom it seems to be abit too tight?

6)How much does it cost?

7)Нow do you usually pay?

8)Do you like them?

9)How do they fit you?

10)Can I help you?