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Hurrah!!!!!!! I have arrived home! I so am glad... But to tell the truth, I didn't want to go here. Didn't want to leave friends.... Here..... Well and now I can tell more in detail as I have spent summer. So in general that I walked all the summer long with friends. It was cheerful! Вообщем I have arrived at first to Ryazan. In June.... Well there has stayed month... Shoot. Here in Ryazan present непруха была:-D­. There I have the best girl-friend Tanja Ivaneeva! The cool girl. Ниче I will not tell = ^ B­ We there with it came off on the full. The company have got! Got acquainted with guys. Угарали on the full.
Well and then I have gone to the Grandmother. In Shilovo. My Aunt of Light has acquainted me with children. Natasha, Stas, NIKITA, and Cooking!! I with them walked constantly. Played had fun. Me the Nickname has taught on скейте to go for a drive! In general убойно, Klasss! And.... As a result I have bought the personal Skateboard. To me so поравилось to go for a drive! It so is cool...... И. I liked the Nickname. It оч оч the cool. Kind. And simply cool guy!...... But... Then it has left home... оказываеца it тож was on vacation. He also lives in Moscow. It is a pity. Well anything. I have its number!
Well кароч when all разьехались, I remained one. There has thank God arrived Tanja Gudina in August... We with it became the best girlfriends. By the way we have got acquainted with Max!! It too such handsome man;-) ­. As a result it became Guy Tanjufki! We with it after the expert corresponded. It such cool! Рисуепт Graffiti. Is engaged in Parkurom! And on скейте wish to drive!. Here it I ljublju:-) ­. Here so I have spent summer! For days on end walked... The Class!!! I won't forget this vacation! Certainly I at all didn't want to leave therefrom: ' (­ Well who would want?? And?
I hope, for next summer, I will arrive back. As! I am glad!