Краткий рассказ или история на англиском можно из сказки срочно плиз


Ответы и объяснения

The story of one motherMother sang at the cradle of her child , as she grieved , she was afraid that he would die ! His face very pale , his eyes were closed, he breathed so weak and at times hard - panting like a sigh ...
And mother's heart ached even harder when you look at the little sufferer.
Suddenly a knock on the door and entered the poor old man , wrapped in a bit of a horse blanket - blanket because warm , and that he and I had : it was a cold winter, the yard , everything was covered with ice and snow , and the wind and cut face .
Seeing that the old man shivering and child dozed off for a moment , his mother moved away from the cradle to pour in for the guest beer and put it in the oven to warm up . The old man at this time hooked to the cradle and began to shake a baby. Mother sank into a chair nearby, looked at the sick child , listened to his heavy breathing and took his hand.