Передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи. 1. Charlie said to Sue: “I am living in London now”.

2. Margaret asked Tommy: “When did you see Helen”?

3. Judy said: “I don’t know what Fred is doing”.

4. “What will you do?” asked Jim his brother.

5. “Speak up, please”, asked my grandfather.

6. “I went to London last year”, said Paul to me.

7. “Don’t go out until it rains”, said Terry to her

8. “I can ski well”, said Mary.

9. “I want to go away on holidays but I don’t know where to
go”, said Sam to Mary.

10. “Clean your teeth every day”, said the doctor to the

11. “Do you enjoy soap operas?” said Ann

12. I asked Erick: “Will you go to the party?”

13. “I must go to work”, said Nick to Nellie.

14. “How do you feel”, she asked me.

15. “Did you meet Mary at the station?” my father asked


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2. Margaret asked Tommy when he had seen Helen.
3. Judy said she didn’t know what Fred was doing.
4. Jim asked his brother what he would do.
5. My grandfather asked me to speak up.
6. Paul told me that he had been to London the previous year.
7. Terry told her daughter not to go out while it was raining.
8.  Mary said that she could ski well.
9. Sam told Mary that he wanted to go away on holidays but he didn’t know where to go.
10. The doctor advised the children to clean their teeth every day.
11.  Ann asked me if I enjoyed soap operas.
12. I asked Erick if he would go to the party.
13.  Nick told Nellie that he had to go to work.
14. She asked me how I felt.
15. My father asked Pat if she had met Mary at the station.