Where`s Jana ? She (take) a shower.
2) My lesson (start) at 8.30 am .
3) Robotic housemaids (help) us with the cleaning in the future.
4) The boy (come) home from school an hour ago.
5) Computers (talk) in 100 years` time?
6) When my mother came home , I (do) my homework.
7) When he was a baby , he (like) to eat porridge
8) The children (not be) interested in reading science-fiction
9) Tonight my brother (move) to another flat
10) I am the type of person who never (give) up hope
11) Fiona (write) amazing stories when she was 25
12) Stephen (cope) well with every day stress when he was young
13) I have enough money . I (buy) a new CD
14) While I (read) an interesting article , my mother (watch) a chat show
15) If I (not study) hard, I (fail) the exan


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1) She is taking a shower.
2) My lesson starts at 8:30 am.
3) Robotic housemaids will help us with the cleaning
4) The boy came home from school an hour ago
5) will talk
6) were doing
7) liked
8) aren't
9) moved
10) gives
11) wrote
12) coped
13) will buy
14) read; was watching
15) don't study; will fail