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Musical genres - it genera and species of music, historically in connection with various types of music content , with certain vital appointments with different social and public functions : household , applied and different conditions of its performance and perception . Musical genres have certain ethnic and religious lines . The language of music - international. Musical genres do not remain unchanged , they develop. On this page reflect the main , from a large set them .
Sacred musicMusic associated with religious texts and intended for performance during worship and in everyday life. These are songs that carry the praises of God , which is celebrated Christmas, passionate way , the Ascension and the Trinity , etc. They have some specific reason , such as baptism , communion , marriage , etc. Consecration , fight and win, and a prayer request fraternity and mission , these issues also are reflected .
Romance - vocal chamber works for voice and instrumental accompaniment. In romance melody is more detailed than in the song associated with the verse , reflecting not only its general nature , but also some poetic images , their development and change . Romance subdivided into separate genre variations : ballads , elegies , Barcarolle , romances in dance rhythms , etc.
Folklore and folk music - vocal (mostly singing , that is musical and poetic ) , instrumental , vocal and instrumental music and dance and creativity of the people . Folk music - an integral part of folk art ( folklore) , which exists as a rule, oral ( unwritten ) form and transmitted only performing traditions .

Musicologists define country music (country), as the style of American music , originally a mixture of folk music of England, Ireland and Scotland. Throughout its history, the style was influenced by other styles ( and in turn itself influenced their development ) , which could result in a number of varieties of style : country - verstern , country rock , etc.

Music , which carries the traits of an ethnic musical tradition that can be expressed as in the performance of traditional folk songs , as well as in the use of folk instruments , melodic elements , composite construction , characteristic genres of folk music of a people .