очень срочно надо
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Honestly, I would prefer to have siblings. Having them means more fun and mutual support - something that many families lack, unfortunately. Being an elder sibling appeals more to me, and here's why: you get an opportunity to teach younger brothers and/or sisters to avoid mistake you've made, and to share some experience you've been through. However, as an elder child in your family, you can expect less care from your parents. But in fact it's simply a step closer to your maturity!

Hey [girl's name]! I can see your situation and I understand your problem. But hey! There's always something positive about quarelling. Even though you might not see it yet, believe me - quarrels are sometimes necessary to strengthen your mutual bonds. Now forget what I said and heed my advice - be initiative and tell her you'd like to have a serious talk. Try to get the reason of all the hostility out of her. You might want to flip out, but it's imperative that you don't do that! If you stay calm throughout your conversation, and she is the one going aggressive, after some time she'll realize her immaturity and you will finally be able to do the talk again. It seems so hard at first, but it's very easy in the end. You just have to make the first move. You'll thank yourself later!

глянь в личку. вверху справа первый значок
это как? у меня нет никаких значков)
у тебя есть все эти значки. вверху, справа от строки поиска.
а где ты там что-то исправил, ты сказал))