Какой в Тюмени самый знаменитый музей , и театр ( на английском пожалуйста )


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The museum "Masharov's House" - one of the most beautiful and cozy buildings in Tyumen. This house is connected with a name of the known Tyumen industrialist, the founder of iron business in Tyumen, Nikolay Dmitriyevich Masharov.
The known businessman N. D. Masharov quite often call the merchant though he was born in a family of peasants and all the life it was attributed to country society of the Shaytansky volost of the Ekaterinburg district of the Perm province.  His parents moved to Tyumen in 1883 when future businessman was 18 years old.  Having graduated from national school, young Nikolay got a job the ship's boy in shipping company Kukhterinykh.  The clever young man gained trust of the owners.  In 1897 it served to the captain of a vessel.  Same year of Kukhterina married to him the sister, having added thus a generous dowry.  Possibly, it served as the starting capital for the organization Masharov of own business.
Nikolay Dmitriyevich redeemed a workshop dugout in which the primitive cupola where copper and cast iron melted was established from the merchant Zakolyapin.  Then at a place of future plant worked only dozen of people.  Masharov set a goal - to expand foundry production in Tyumen.  On August 11, 1901 together with other Tyumen businessmen it establishes "Association Masharov and To". Thanks to diligence of this organization on the suburb of Tyumen there were iron-works (nowadays – operating Tyumen machine-tool factory). At the enterprise any coppers, latches, nails, irons, ware were issued. Nikolay Dmitriyevich tried to adjust iron art casting. Its separate products are shown now in the museum of history of the city of Tyumen. In 1913 of the newspaper wrote that Masharov's association "... accepts various orders for factories, plants and shipping companies on drawings and drawings on casting of various pig-iron and copper machine parts in rough and with finishing". At the beginning of the XX century the Masharov and To association becomes the largest industrial enterprise of Tyumen. The diligence Nikolay Dmitriyevich Masharov made an invaluable contribution to foundry production of Tyumen.