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Wild elephants have strong family ties. The females and young are social, living in groups under the leadership of an older female or matriarch. Adult males are solitary, although they stay in contact with the females over great distances, using sounds well below the range of human hearing. Family groups communicate with each other using these low-frequency vibrations.
It is an eerie sight to see several groups converging on a waterhole from miles apart, apparently by some prearranged signal, when human observers have heard nothing. 
The natural lifespan of an elephant, about 70 years, is comparable to a human's. Elephants reach breeding age at about 15 years of age. Females generally give birth to one 200-pound baby after a 22-month pregnancy.


Dingo is an Australian wild dog. Dingo have some features of a wolf as well as domestic dog. Dingo live in Australia and some countries of Southeast Asia. Color is usually ginger, sometimes more yellow or reddish. Alpine dingos are completely white.
Dingos regarded as a dangerous animal, in Australia it is illegal to keep it as a pet. There were some cases of dingos attacking people, particularly children. Of Frazer Island where there are lots of dingos, there are signs everywhere urging tourists not to feed dingos and never leave children without supervision.