make these sentences passive. 1.You make me laugh. 2. She never lets me go to the river alone. 3. I will make you apologise. 4. Mother doesnt let little Johnny stay up late. 5. My parents let my elder brother read whatever he likes. 6. Henry s cousin never makes him iron his clothers. 7. My granny always makes me clean up my room. 8. Liza s parents let her have parties in their house.


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1.I am  made to laugh by you. 2. I am never let to  go to the river alone. 3. You  will made to apologise by me. 4. Little Johnny isn*t let  to stay up late by his mother. 5.My elder brother  is let to read whatever he likes by my parents . 6. Henry  is never made to  iron his clotherss  by his cousin . 7. I am always made to  clean up my room by my granny . 8. Liza is  let  to  have parties in the house by her parents