СРОЧНО Написать соченение на тему "Обязоности по дому" Например: Обычно моя мама готовит, а я ей помогаю. (На английском языке или даже на русском я переведу (про бабушку, мама, папу, себя и дедушку)). Я на вас надеюсь!!! СРОЧНО!!!


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Every person  in my family has what to do in our house. My mother usually cooks breakfast, washes our clothes. My father and my mother always go to buy food in the supermarket together. My granny cooks dinner and supper because she does not work. She likes to iron our clothes. As for me, I  haven*t  much  free time because of everyday hometasks. But I take our dog for a walk twice a day, wash the plates after meal and clean my room.