Please,помогите составить из этих предложений вопросы и ответить на них:
1. sweet food you’d buy for your birthday party

2. hot meal you’d order in a caffee or a restaurant

3. school lunch you’d call ideal

4. food you wouldn’t eat even if you are hungry

5. clothes you’d like to wear for a teenager party

6. clothes you prefer to wear at school

7. clothes you’d hate to wear

8. presents you like to get and givе

9. flowers you’d buy for your mother

10. stationery you like to buy and use


Ответы и объяснения

1. Would you buy sweet food for your birthday party? – Yes, I`d buy some sweets, candies and a cake.    
2. Would you order hot meal in a café or a restaurant? - Yes, I`d order hot meal in the restaurant.    
3. Would you call ideal school lunch?-   yes , my ideal school lunch consists of tea and apple cake.  
 4. Would you not eat food even if you are hungry? – no, I`d eat food  
 5. Would you like to wear clothes for a teenager party? – yes, I’d like to wear jeans and a t-shirt.  
 6. What clothes do you prefer to wear at school? – I prefer to wear a skirt and a white blouse.  
 7. would you hate to wear clothes? – no , I’d like to wear clothes    
8. do you like to get and give presents? –yes, but most of all I like to get presents.   9. Would you buy flowers for your mother? – yes, I`d buy roses for my mother.  
 10. do you like to buy and use stationery? – yes, I like to buy and use stationery.