Помогите если не сложно!!

1. If you went to lead a happy life you must be _ paying any attention to rumours.
a) with b) along c) without d) above
2. Gregory left Oxford _ the age of 20.
a) on b) for c) in d) at
3. Mary made up her mind to have an injection _ small pox.
a) on b) at c) against d) in
4. She is awful. I wouldn't like to be married _ her.
a) on b) to c) at d) with
5. John said he was sorry _ the noise he was making.
a) for b) at c) about d) on
6. Julia is engaged _ Tom.a) to b) with c) at d) of.
7. Herbert was _ to start when the phone rang.
a) at b) about c) below d) aheed
8. Who is responsible _ the debauchery?
a) in b) at c) for d) to
9. I'm not sure I will get there at 4 p.m. It depends _ the traffic.
a) at b) in c) for d) on
10. I'll help you. You can rely _ me.
a) on b) with c) in d) for


Ответы и объяснения

1 -above
3- in
4- at
5. - about
8.- in
10. - on