Очень срочно!Нужен рассказ,легенда или миф о воде на английском языке.Помогите!!!


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In ancient поверьях water is blood of live Mother of the Crude Earth, and Support upon which the earth, and a watershed between the world live is based and Kingdom beyond the grave. Call her in the people precisely "mother", "Tsarina". At a dawn of human history people distinctly understood Great value of water elements. It is confirmed also with mythology of all countries Both all people, and the latest philosophical systems: as without fire isn't present Cultures so without water isn't present and there can not be a life. In compliance with the such Understanding of a world role of water the pagan people invariably idolized These elements as a life perennial spring, as eternally live spring, at Which help other great elements - the earth were impregnated.