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Wherever I was , in any country or city or fate threw me , I always call to hear the voices of family and wish them good health .

In the most difficult days , experiencing another collapse in business career, I knew that my back has a strong base : native dom.Chto whatever happens in life, for parents , we are always the best , the most brilliant . This simple reckless faith sometimes helps much better what you like sound arguments.

In youth we ershimsya , bristle . We think that our parents are outdated concepts that they are in the business of some " dinosaurs ". His love , his advice , they are a nuisance and interfere with life , we take out parental care. We think that we are cool ! We all can ! What we can help our " ancestors "?

But as soon as you get a little adult, older, this foam stupid youthful prowess goes , disappears from the head. And did you realize that you are obliged to parents everything. Kowtow to all parents ! No matter how much kindness, love , warmth , we neither gave his parents , still it is not enough .

When you call your parents and recognize them in filial love , when you do everything to make them proud of you , it is your soul , your heart is filled with noble man of great power . Every cell in your love sparkle of accomplishment, from the consciousness of gratitude. This is also your strength in business.

It all starts with your soul , with your heart. I do not believe that any " new Russian " Notorious pockets with money , forgetting about their parents, will be a happy man. All his apparent prosperity at one point burst like a soap bubble. Because he will not support. And most importantly - his heart is empty and cold. Unable to do great things , despising its roots