Помогите написать письмо приглашение на свой день рождения другу из другой страны.
слов 35-50


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Hi!Invite you on my birthday I am marks ___! Will the cake,party hats,games and dances! generally this will be fun. I live ___, address ___! Before meeting! P.S. Waiting for your arrival! Пропуски  думаю сама заполнишь)
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Dear Lucy

I was very glad to hear from you. I haven't written for ages because of my school activities. It's a pity that you were ill last week, I hope that now you got well and fell better.
I would like to invite you to my birthday party at my place next Sunday. We'll have a picnic. I think you will like to spend a day near the forest and a beautiful lake, to swim, to sunbathe and to comunicate with my friends and parents.

Please tell me if you are able to come by calling me at _________(номер телефона).
I am waiting for you on Sunday 11a.m.

Best regards,