Dear Peter , Well, this is my second week in Paris. I like it very much. I usually get up at ten o'clock & have breakfast in a street cafe. French breakfasts are very small, but the coffee's not bad. I always go to school by Metro. I usually arrive at school at twelve o'clock. I learn French every day. School usually finishes at five o'clock. In the evening I occasionally stay in the hotel, but I usually go out for dinner with a friend. Life is very interesting here. Next weekend I'm going to the coast. Give my regards to everybody. Love, Ann. 1.Where is Ann? 2. Does she like Paris? 3. When does she get up? 4. Where does she have breakfast? 5. Are French breakfasts very small? 6.Is the coffe bad? 7.Does she go to school by Metro? 8. What language does she learn? 9. At what time does school finish? 10. Where does she occasionally stay in the evening? 11. Who does she usually go out with?12 Is life interesting there?

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1. Paris.
2. Yes.
3. At ten o'clock
4. I
n a street cafe
5. Yes.
6. No.
7. Yes.
8. French.
At five o'clock.
10. I
n the hotel, but usually she go out for dinner with a friend.
11. Friend.
12. Yes.
и это все больше нечего не надо дабовлять?
Нет, это все.