Помогите срочно найти диалог про холодную осеннюю погоду на английском языке


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A:What's the weather today?B:The temperature has fallen again.A:I enjoy the cold weather.B:Don't you mind the cold?A:Not at all.I prefer a cold winter to a hot ,muggy summer.B:I agree.After the terrible August we had last year,low temperatures are kind of refreshing.A:In August there wasn't a breeze anywhere.There was ninety percent humidity, and the temperature stayed above ninety degrees for 15 straight days.B:It's six o'clock now.I'll turn on the radio.Let's listen to the weather report.Radio:As the cold front crosses the region tonight ,temperatures will drop considerably.The present temperature is 26 degrees.Tonight will be partly cloudy.Tomorrow will become sunny,windy,and very cold. High 20,low 16.Strong winds from the north will bring Arctic air to the region. Snow will develop at the end of the week.A:Did you listen to the weather forecast?B:Yes,I did.The mild weather will continue.Scattered showers will occur tomorrow night.A:And what about the day after tomorrow?B:Skies will begin to clear.Drier,colder air will arrive fron the north-west.Sunny but cold weather will prevail the day after tomorrow.A:At this time of the year ,the weather is so changeable.