Дам много пунктов. Небольшой, но грамотный монолог- "my favorite place in Moskow"


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My favourite place in Moskow is Old Arbat Street.The Old Arbat is a picturesque pedestrian street in Moscow, running west from Arbat Square (which is part of the Boulevard Ring) towards Smolenskaya Square (which is part of the Garden Ring). The Old Arbat has the reputation of being Moscow's most touristy street, with lots of entertainment and souvenirs sold. It is distinct from the New Arbat, a street running parallel to it and lined with Soviet skyscrapers made of steel, concrete, and glass.

I like this place because there i can walk with my friends and listen to live music. Also there are many diffent shops. There are some museums of great writters .
i love this street because i like places where i can feel past
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