именно рок, или можно рок-н-рол?
именно рок.

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When there was a rock (first rock ' n ' roll), it was a real revolution everywhere in the world. Teenagers fifties saw the rock-n-roll is not only the style, but the new religion. They followed idols, they did everything to dress, talk, walk, dance like these singers. Their parents all the more rapidly lost authority over them.

But here's how it happened at first: the songs of the senior generation of musicians are tired of the children, they run to the shops, to buy the plate style Rhythm and Blues. Previously, it was fashionable in General, people with dark skin. To the beginning of 50th plate muddy Уотерза, ray Charles, Dhe Drifters and other performers began to take first place in the charts on a par with popular and earlier Eddie Fisher and Perry Como. Then became popular Rock-n-roll. A real triumph of the new style came when in cinemas started painting «the blackboard jungle.

Melody from «Rock Around the Clock» musician Haley became a hit. View paintings from American and British accompanied by the enchanting antics in cinemas with attempts to dance in the aisles. In may 1954 6 weeks it was on the top of the charts. In 1957 Haley was the first musician, singing rock from the USA, who performed on tour in the UK.

Among the other stars of the earlier era of rock-n-roll was little Richard, working together with Hayley Rock Around the Clock; Another musician fats Domino - singing rhythm and Blues, to the popularity he worked, he played piano in the bar for a few bucks a week; and musician Jerry Lee Lewis. With the release of the hit Heartbreak Hotel about the artist Elvis Presley began to say all the Newspapers. And now Elvis is still the king of rock-n-roll.

Many young musicians say that «invented a new style called him a hard base Rado-punk-грино-dance» or simply, «Thess» or yet-somehow. But them it is not given to repeat the glory of birth style, which reached Rock-n-roll.


Основные центры возникновения и развития рок-музыки — США и западная Европа (особенно Великобритания). Большинство текстов песен — на английском языке.
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The main centres of origin and development of rock music - the United States and Western Europe (especially UK). Most of the lyrics in English.
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