Ответьте на вопросы. Пож.

Используйте примечания в скобках.

a.Jane: Is your car working now?

(they / not / finish / repair / it)

You: No,they haven't finished repairing it.

b:JAne: Have you done the crossword?

(I / give up / try)


c.JAne: Look at that old man!

(I / can / not / imagine / be)

You: Oh,god.......so old.

d.Jane:Do you like football?

( I / enjoy / watch /it / on/TV


e.Jane: Who invited all these boys?

(I / suggest / have /a party)

You: It's me. I ......


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1 have they finished repaired it?

2 i have given up try

i cant imagine it

i enjoy it on tv

i ve suggested to have a party