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Work in groups. Discuss the following.
1.Why is English important?
2.What are some pieces of advice given to choose a good course?
3.What way can you reach better results while learning English in Britain?


Ответы и объяснения

WORK. Most of the firms and companies dealing with customers and suppliers from different countries of the world, prefer negotiations, conclusion of transactions and realization of different international projects, to use the English language as means of communication
TRAVEL. Each country, and often province, have its own language or dialect. Thus, traveling to different countries, regions and provinces, in order to expand business or simply relaxing, you can encounter a number of problems, if not own local language or dialect
  EDUCATION. Often, the people moving away from their home country to obtain preferential right for them education. Education is also a source of income for the economies of many States. Therefore, in many countries there are international educational institutions, in which they can learn from representatives of different States, and not only local residents
.INTERNET. Despite the fact that the Internet is used in many languages, English is the main language for most users. A large part of the important information and is the most famous and used by a web site, available in English only.
courses should be available and clear
if I studied English in Britain, I'd have a lot of practice in communication with foreigners.