Write a tag for each sentence.

1) Bill has got two pets,.....?

2)jane has got a collection of stamps,....?

3)alice hasn't got a toy train,.....?

4)you have got a new game,....

5)your grandparents nave got a nice garden,....?

6)Your sister has got a guinea pig,.....?

7)your sisters haven't got any pet's ,...?

8)the smiths have got a new house,....?

9) the browns have got a car ,...?

10) the blacks haven't got got a dog, ...?


Ответы и объяснения

1. hasn't he?
2. hasn't she?
3. has she?
4. haven't you?
5. haven't they?
6. hasn't she?
7. have they?
8. haven't they?
9. haven't they?
10. have they?