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every day of the New Year's holiday, I go to the rinkAfter the rink has a pleasant feeling of tiredness so I love to go to the rinkseveral times over the holidays I can go for a walk in the KirovI have with my friends go to the movies or do we look at it and I order pizza I love New Year's holiday becauseWinter is a magical time of the yearI love winterI love snowI love everything about winter


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On New Year's holiday I go to the ice-skating rink every day. I have pleasant feeling of tiredness after the rink, so I like to go to the rink several times during my holidays. Sometimes I can go for a walk around the town. I like to go with my friends to the cinema or watch TV at home with pizza. I like New Year's holiday because winter is a magical time of the year. I like winter. I like snow. I like everything that is with winter associated.