Пожалуйста напишите сочинение на тему "Где лучше учиться - в России или за рубежом?" На английском языке. Очень надо... Заранее спасибо)))


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 "Where better to learn - in Russia or abroad?
In Russia there are schools whose graduates do get useful and effective knowledge, but on the background of a number of non-profit institutions and outdated these institutions look exception. Such a tendency for many parents , students yesterday , and people wanting to "tighten" their knowledge , provides an occasion to reflect on education abroad . However, foreign education is not for everyone , and the question here is not so much financial (we , by the way , there are also universities , tuition is affordable only off families ) , but in the fact that the method of studying abroad is very different from the Russian and can approach is not all. In particular , the discipline in foreign educational institutions built completely wrong, as in Russia. So , abroad a large emphasis on self-learning , not every young man from Russia can quite seriously to treat such a process when a teacher is not " worth the soul " and several times does not require to perform coursework . In addition , overseas pay very close attention to students' attendance of lectures , and even if the student is absent from the classroom for good reasons , in most cases, the school will not do him any favors in the exam. "The most important question you should ask yourself - it is whether you really want to learn, or you plan delivery just because it is " fashionable, prestigious "? Strong motivation and desire to learn will help you overcome all formal organizational barriers both in Russia and in Western universities.