тебе по русски надо?
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Viktoriya - the queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland since June 20, 1837, the empress of India since May 1, 1876 (declaration in India — on January 1, 1877), the last representative of the Hanover dynasty on a throne of Great Britain.Victoria stayed on a throne more than 63 years — more, than any other British monarch. The Victorian era coincided with industrial revolution and the period of the greatest blossoming of the British Empire. Numerous dynastic marriages of her children and grandsons strengthened relations between royal dynasties of Europe and strengthened influence of Great Britain on the continent (it called "the Grandmother of Europe"). Its birthday is still celebrated as a holiday in Canada (usually on the same day, on May 24, in Canada official birthday of the reigning monarch is celebrated also).ottsy Victoria there was the fourth son of king George III, princess Saksen-Koburgsky Victoria, the widow princess Leyningensky (1786 — on March 16, 1861), already having two children from first marriage was mother of future queen. The first name — Aleksandrina — is given her in honor of the Russian emperor Alexander I who was her Godfather. Despite quite high situation in hierarchy of inheritance, Victoria in the first years of life spoke only in German.Victoria's father, the duke Kentish, died when to the daughter there were eight months. It was brought up under the leadership of the duchess Northumberland; I received good knowledge of botany and music. As the instructor in political cases, on the princess had a great influence her uncle on mother, the king of Belgium Leopold I who was constantly corresponding with the niece. I inherited a throne on June 20, 1837, after death of the uncle on the father, Wilhelm IV who hasn't left lawful детей.20 June, 1887 all England solemnly celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of reign of queen Victoria (during this celebration by the Irish nationalists regicide, so-called "anniversary plot" prepared); in 1897 — 60-year anniversary of its reign (combined with celebrations concerning a personal record of the queen who, since 1896, surpassed George III, and her reign became the most long in the British history).Victoria died in Osborn house, on the Isle of Wight, on January 22, 1901, on the 82nd year of life and the 64th year of reign, in the presence of the beloved grandson, the German emperor Wilhelm II. It was buried near the husband in the Frogmorsky mausoleum. To it son Edward VII inherited.In honor of Victoria the largest is called in the world a water-lily — Victoria the Amazonian (Victoria-regiya) found in the British Guiana the German botanist on English service R. G. Shomburgom. Also in honor of the queen one of the largest falls of the world (Victoria Falls) and one of the largest fresh-water lakes of the world (Lake Victoria) is called. Allegedly in honor of Victoria the asteroid (12) Victoria opened in 1850 by English astronomer John Hind is called.