Мне надо рассказ про американские традиции на Новый Год. В инете ничего интересного не могу найти. Пожалуйста, помогите. Можете кидать на русском, украинском или английском.


Ответы и объяснения

Usually Americans greeted the New Year with friends and , much less , with the family. New Year's Eve parades , football games and similar entertainment events . Traditionally , New Year's day is considered the beginning of a new life. Many Americans are timed to this day important changes , for example, promise after January 1, quit smoking or start to play sports. Role Hours on the Spassky tower clocks operate at Times Square in New York - their image broadcast on all TV channels .

Unlike many other American holidays , New Year in the U.S. does not have strict culinary canons. The only mandatory attribute of the New Year celebration is a glass of champagne . Champagne accompany snacks : nuts , cheese , cookies , pizza , etc. The main rule of the New Year - a little more fun. Gifts are desirable but not mandatory.
Seeing the old year , many Americans sing a traditional song "Auld Lang Syne". The name of this song written in the early XVIII century can be translated from Old English as " The Good Old Days ." The song is invited to raise a glass to old friends and old times.
Despite the fact that officially the New Year is celebrated in the United States on January 1 , New Year's celebrations begin already on December 31. Traditionally until midnight all escorted the outgoing year , and then meet the come . Americans prefer to celebrate it noisy, while not staying at home , go to theaters, nightclubs and restaurants . Exactly at midnight , after the ringing of bells , fireworks soar into the sky , champagne cork , sirens and car horns to alert you to the beginning of the New Year. All kiss, hug, wish each other happiness.

Not to mention yet another New Year's New Year's festivities attribute in the United States , namely, the elder , who symbolizes the past year , and the baby , celebrate the new year . Here you can see the analogy with the ancient Roman god Janus , whose name is called the month of January . Legend tells that the two-faced Janus was : one his face drawn in the past , the other - in the future. Such feelings on the eve of the New Year , many Americans are experiencing , critically evaluating the successes of the past year and making plans for the coming year . In the United States decided to write their own " New Job" in which written optimistic plans for the next year . For example, go on a diet or get up early , or spend less money on clothes ...
Traditionally , American spends on Christmas gifts 50 to $ 800. Americans presented with each other cigars , wines , perfumes , scarves, cardigans, trinkets. Gifts usually given with the check. Check is needed to ensure that when the case could return the gift back to the store . In early January in stores there are long queues handing over the goods. So lately among Americans is growing in popularity so-called gift certificate ( gift certificate ) . This plastic card denomination of 50 dollars and up . The person who received the certificate at any time convenient to him comes into the store and choose what he likes .