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Describe how you spend your free time.Write:
1. What you usually do after school, at the weekend, or on holiday?
2. Why you like to spend your free time that way?
3. If you always try to spend your free time in an interesting way?
4. If you like to spend your free time with your friends or alone?


Ответы и объяснения

My free time I try to spend with pleasure and use. After school I often have a dinner, then do my homework. If I still got enough time I can help my mom with cooking a supper or meet with friends for an hour. At weekend I like to walk with friends, visit my favourite cafe and read books in the evening.
I like to do this because I`m having rest when I read, I`m having fun with my friends and also help my mom to make her life a little easier.
But sometimes I want just to lie down and watch tv or play computer.
I like to spend my free time in both ways, but it would be better for me to spend it with friends.
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