Help!!! Help!!! Нипишите мне, пожалуйста, не большое сообщение о субкультуре Металлисты и их одежде(на английском языке)... Прошу ОЧЕНЬ ОЧЕНЬ НУЖНО!!!


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Heavy metal music fans have created their own subculture. It is called "subculture of alienation" with its own standards. The activities of the metal subculture include such rituals as attending concerts and buying albums, and, of course, wearing distinctive outfits.

The fashion is the most noticeable aspect of heavy metal culture. Over the years, the fashions have changed, but some core elements were kept.

The heavy metal fashions comprised of several elements, having borrowed its roots in the biker, rocker, and leather subcultures. Most remarkable item is a sleeveless kutte of denim and leather covered with woven patches from heavy metal bands. A long-sleeved leather jacket with metal pins or spikes became a symbol of metal fans since late 70s. Tight blue jeans or camouflage pants, motorcycle boots and black t-shirts go hand-in-hand with these two elements.

Intolerance of other music is also a feature of the subculture.
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