Джек Лондон. 7 - 9 предложений о Джеке Лондоне биография можно на русском языке


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American writer . Born in San Francisco. In his youth, has replaced many jobs : he worked at the cannery , power plants, jute mill , was close to the " oyster pirates ," the San Francisco Bay. In 1896 he entered the University of California , but left because of the inability to pay for out obuchenie.V 1902 novel " Daughter of the Snows " and the book " People of the Abyss " about the life of the poorest quarters of London East London Enda.K comes fame , his financial situation stabilizes, he married Elizabeth Maddern , his two daughters are born . In the 1907-1909 . London makes a voyage on they built on their own drawings yacht " Snark " 22 November 1916 London, died in Glen Ellen ( California ) from a lethal dose of morphine , which he took , or to moderate pain caused by uremia , or consciously , wanting to commit suicide .