Упражнение 1

Составьте предложения,
найдя соответствия между левой и правой колонками.

1. If I go
on a diet

a. we'll
make a snowman

2. If it's sunny tomorrow

b. I'll
buy you some chocolate

3. If John doesn't hurry

c. she'll
have to take a taxi

4. If it snows

d. I'll lose weight

5. If
there sre no buses

e. he'll be late

6. If you
are a good girl

f. we'll
go for a picnic

Упражнение 2

глаголы, данные в скобках, так, чтобы предложения выражалт рельное условие.

1. If I (to see)
John, I (to tell) him your news. 2. He (to be) very pleased if it (to be)
really true. 3. If you (to go) to town on Monday, you (to meet) my brother Tom.
4. If you (to need) help, my father (to help) you. 5. We (to have) a picnic lunch
if the day (to be) fine. 6. If you (to ask) a policeman, he (to tell) you the
way. 7. I (to finish) the job tomorrow if I (to can). 8. I (not / to require)
an umbrella if it( not / to rain). 9. If she (to think) it over carefully, she
(to form) a clear opinion. 10. If they (to catch) the bus now, they (to arrive)
at half past nine. 11. He (to find) the answers if he (to look) at the back of
the book. 12. If you ( to want) me to, I (to come) for a walk with you. 13. If
he (to write) to her, she (to answer) at once. 14. If you ( to wait) a few
moments, the waiter (to bring) your coffee. 15. He (to lose) weight if he (to
stop) eating too much. 16. If she ( to be) patient, I (to try) to explain. 17.
I (to wear) a purle tie only if I (to must). 18. If we (to leave) at once, we
(to catch) the early train. 19. If he (to do) that again, his father (to
punish) him. 20. If she (drink) this medicine, she (to feel) much better.


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