Answer the questions . 1) do all people in Britain live in their own houses ? 2) how many floors are there in a traditional English house? 3) which rooms are usually upstairs / downstairs ? 4) which room is a favourite in a traditional English house ? 5) how do Englishmen sometimes call a living-room ? why? 6) what do the british think of their homes ?

1.not quite, as they live in their homes and in apartments

Ответы и объяснения

1) I think that all people in britain live in their own house
2) traditional english house has a 2 floor
3) the bathroom and bedroom are usually upstairs kitchen and living room usually downstairs
4) I think that kitchen is the most favourite room in living room house
5) Честно не помню как еще назыавают гостинную но вот скелет
sometimes englishmen call a living room as ... because ... и обьяснение
6) the britsh think that their house a very comfortable and beautifull
можешь добавить или изменить названия комнат и т.д