Помогите! Мне нужно на Английском языке рассказать про своего домашнего питомца, у меня хомяк.


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One of the most favourite small animals – hamsters. In apartment usually hold hamsters of one or two kinds, but except the most known Syrian golden and Asian hamsters, there is still an infinite set of kinds and the subspecies which representatives willingly become pets. Houses hold Syrian golden and Asian hamsters, Chinese or striped dwarfish and most more often

Small – dwarfish hamsters Roborovsky. Meeting in the south to Europe, ordinary hamsters – one of the greatest, it is long bodies of 25-35 sm, the weight can reach 500 grams. In special защечных bags the animal can accumulate a food significant amount. An ordinary hamster — the beautiful animal dressed in a red fur coat, украшеный white gloves and socks, and ears and a muzzle tip – white. Small, brilliant eyes fearlessly look at the world.
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