Match the opposites or near opposites.Write them down in pairs.

In the town to finish
to stay usually
early to go out
seldom often
to start late
to put on right
sametimes in the country
left to take of


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In the town - in the country
to stay - to go out
early - late
seldom - often
to start - to finish
to put on - to take off
sometimes - usually
left - right
In the country the air is more fresh, than in the town
I can't stay, so I need to go out to help my dad
I should to go to bed early, because I don't want late to school
You must put on the gloves and dont take off your hat! It's cold today
We'll start in two minutes and we'll finish at 6.30 p.m
She usually goes to English lessons, but she sometimes forgets her workbook
When you're acrossing he street, look on the left at first, and then on the right
я вам очень,очень благодарна
кое-что забыла :D
I eat potatos very seldom, but when I do it, I come in red spots
thank you