Напишите какое-нибудь сочинение по английскому языку на тему: "Комната моей мечты". (на английском и добавьте перевод) СОЧИЕНИЕ ДОЛЖНО БЫТЬ НЕ БОЛЬШИМ!


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  • kkv
  • середнячок

I live by the motto ‘My bedroom is my castle’. My bedroom
is a place where I can relax and be comfortable and I think, that
is why it is important to me. I have a double bed with four pillows
and my favourite comforter. It is a Little Mermaid comforter,
I know it is childish but it is soft and warm. And of
course my Tickle Me Elmo sits on my bed and keeps me company.
A lot of times I just lie down and close my eyes and daydream
about places I’d like to see or think about things that
make me happy. Another reason why my room is so dear to my
heart is that I can go there when I want to be on my own. I can
just shut my door and tell everyone in my household not to
bother me. Whenever I’m stressed out with school, I like to go
into my room and just be myself. When I’m there, I know everything
is going to be all right. It may be hard to have some
privacy if you share a room. Also my room holds most of my
personal belongings, which have sentimental value and I do not
want anyone else to touch them. My bedroom is kind of cluttered,
but that is the way I like it and I don’t care what anyone
says. As you first come into my room, to the right is my dresser. It is full of things like perfume, jewellery, hair ties and other
things that come out of my pockets at the end of the day. Diagonally
across from my dresser is my curio cabinet. In it there
is my collection of porcelain dolls, which are my most treasured
items. Next to my bed, which is in the middle of the room is my
computer and my entertainment centre. I’m sort of a hoarder.
I think everything is worth keeping so I do keep everything
from old clothes to my childhood stuffed animals which are all
neatly sitting on my hope chest in my room. My hope chest is
filled with things I will need in the future like towels, old picture
frames and other little things. These things mean a lot to
me because a lot of these objects belonged to my late grandmother
and I am honoured to own them.
My bedroom is always there for me.