помогите что может кит где живет что может что ест крокодил где живут овцы что могут что едят на английском до завтра надо

нужно преревести вопросы? или дать ответ на них ?
и вопросы не совсем понятно ты напечатала...
все понятно дураки

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As you know, the blue whale can throw water from special holes in the top. So the height of the fountain reaches three-storey house. In itself it can crawl through the hole baby.They are common in the seas around miru.Net certain area or the ocean, which they preferred.
Crocodiles hunt mostly at night. The main component of their diet is fish, but they also attack any prey, which can handle.
Currently the most popular sheep enjoyed in China, Australia, UK and New Zealand.Sheep of great benefit to man - they provide milk and wool, wool clothing is made, and dairy products from milk.In winter, the main food for sheep is hay.Very good sheep eat food in the form of twig brooms made ​​of branches of birch, linden, acacia. Brooms (shoots with leaves) are harvested in June - July.
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