5. Образуйте отрицательные и вопросительные предложения.
1. My sister’s name is Galina.
2. Mary is an English teacher.
3. I have a younger brother.
4. My friend has a car.
5. John is my sister’s husband.
6. They are married.
7. My grandchildren have a good flat.
8. Her son is a manager.
9. His wife is from Moscow.
10. She has a crocodile.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Is your sister's name Galina?
My sister's name is not Galina.
2. Is Mary an English teacher?
Mary is not an English teacher?
3. Have you got a younger brother?
I don't have a younger brother
4. Has your friend a car?
My friend doesn't have a car.
5. Is John your sister's husband?
John isn't my sister's husband
6. Are they married?
They aren't married.
7Have you grandchild a good flat?
My grandchild haven't a good flat.
8. Is her son a manager?
Her son isn't a manager.
9.Is his wife from Moscow?
His wife isn't from Company's
10.Has she got a crocodile?
She hasn't a crocodile.