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Work in pairs. Make up as many mini-dialogues as you can with these sentences. You can use some sentences more than once.
Model:Customer: Do you have these jeans in a larger size?
Shop assistant: I'll have a look.


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Shop-assistant: What can I do for you?
Customer: I would like to buy jeans.

Shop-assistant: What size and colour?
Customer: Oh, I don't know...
Shop-assistant: How strange! Wait a minute, I'l bring you a few pairы of jeans.
Customer: Well..
Shop-assistant: Here you are.
Customer: Where can I try them on?
Shop-assistant: Here, in the fitting room.
Customer: Thank you. Do you have these jeans in a larger size?
Shop-assistant: I'll have a look. Yes, here you are.
Customer: Well, they suit me. I'll buy them. How much do they cost?
Shop-assistant: Not very much. Pay in cash.
Customer: Thank you.
Shop-assistant: You are welcome.