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Some people watch all TV programs, others choose what they like. Which group of TV viewers do you belong to and why?

2) Our life is impossible without TV. Still some people strongly criticize it. What in your opinion can be done to make our TV better?

3) Imagine that you will have to live some time without TV. Will you be very unhappy? What will you find to replace it with?

4) Some parents don’t allow their children to watch TV at all. Do you understand their reasons? Do you agree with them?

5) Imagine that you are asked to make a TV program for Sunday. What programs will you include in it?

6) Do you often listen to the radio? Do you have a favourite radio program? What do you like about it? Are there any programmes that you dislike? Which? What don’t you like about them?

7) Do you belong to people who switch on the radio or TV as soon as they get up in the morning? If yes, why do you do it?

8) Which TV personalities are very popular in your country? Why do you think they are popular?


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1 as for me I belong to the group of people who watch entertaining and relaxing channels such as TNT and sts because I prefer to watch comedy serials to other programs after my difficult day
2 I reckon our tv doesnt have any diversities, for instance sts is always broadcasting the same movies and it even irritates lots of people 
3 I won't very unhappy because I'm not addict from TV. I think I can find a replacement to TV, for example I can read book or go for a walk or something else
4 yes I understand, I believe it happened because nowadays at tv serials we can see how people drink alcohol or take drugs also we can see the scenes of violence and parents are afraid of that their children want to try alcohol and drugs too. I agree with them, nowadays TV is very immoral
5 I think I include some intertaining and cognitive programs in the morning and exciting and interesting films in the evening that can interest nearly all the people 
6 I listen to the radio not very often only when I go to some place with my parents by our car. I like Europa plus because there you can here only new and pleasant songs. I don't like the road radio because there are a lot of songs that irritate me and so change my mind to bad way. Also I hate when there are a lot of conversations and discussions on the radio, I want to listen to music but not to conversations
7 a lot of actors of the serials on sts are very popular because enormous number of people watch sts every day