Помогите пожалуйста составить рассказ про свою комнату на английском языке.


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My room is big.There is my computer infront of my bed.There is wardbrode next to my bed.There is desk next to my dest.There is books and the bookcase.There is lump on the desk.I have very soft carpet.From my bedroom i cant see my school.And i like my bedroom.
Тебе составить рассказ про мою комнату ?
Я хорошо знаю английский
А ты живешь в доме или квартире
в квартире
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My room is small.In my room blue wallpaper.In the corner, I found a table where I do my homework or sitting at the computer.At the table is a small locker where are my school things.On the other hand there are the window to be flowers, even my cat likes to sit on my window.On the other side of the room there is a bed where I sleep.On the same side of the cabinet to be two in one cabinet I coped their belongings, and the second different prinodlezhnosti.On the window curtain hanging birch.On the walls hang a few of my portraits and photographs of my family where we have fun.I love my room.