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1.I know that Anna works in a factory , she has a husband and two children, the family has a very friendly and she is happy .2.He told me yesterday that he had previously studied at Universtitet .3.We decided last week that next summer we 'll all go to the Crimea.4.Sestra said she wanted to come to us herself.5 . I knew that she was very busy.6. Nobody knew that you wait here.7. The guide warned us that in this part of the city traffic is quite strong .8. Secretary did not notice that the director talking to someone .9.All we knew that her family back in St. Petersburg.10 . Lena said that she gives us this picture.11.Ona said her colleagues always give her excellent advice .12. He said he loved the play .13.In the last year they thought they would never read in English , but yesterday they saw that read texts pretty good.14.On told me yesterday that his father, a professor and lives in Moscow.