Нужно написать 13 предложений в прошедшем времени. Связанныых по смыслу!!!


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Once I was resting on the sea. Then it was so pure. And when I went swimming, I always looked at the reflection vody.Ono then leads me to grusnye mysli.Ya always thought of her life. But then when I sat beside the sea ran up to my dog. Then she was a little puppy. It pleased me so much that when I next came to the sea, my eyes were shining with happiness. And not as if the sadness and grief. This was still a puppy, but now we have an adult dog always remember mne.Ya still remember this malnkogo puppy, which I presented sudba.Togda he was alone he did not have owners. I would have picked him, but I was not allowed to parents. Many times I thought of this Istria.