Помогите пожалуйста срочно надо?!вставьте глагол в нужной форме1)We (walk) along the street when suddenly we (see) Graham. 2)He (drive) a brand-new Mitsubishi.3)Tne boys (play) football akk day long.4)We all (stay) in the sitting room during the ceremony.5)Jane (sit)in the armchair for a quarter of an hour and then (fall) asleep.6) The whole day all members of the family (prepare) their cottage for the occasion.7)The old gentleman (stroll) along the path for a while, then abruptly (turn) back and (start) for the house.8)Jack (tell) me that his elderly aunt (feel) much better at the moment.9)I (phone) you several tenies in the morning but nobody (answer).10)I wonder what he (do) at nine o'clock in the evening.11)While Jenny (clean) the floors her little sister (play) on the conputer.12)It (be) early autumn.13)The sun (shine) in the blue sky but the trees (get) yellow and the birds (fly) to warm countries.14)Mrs Evans (stand) on the edge of a cliff admiring the view.


Ответы и объяснения

Walking,saw,driven,played,stayed,sited,fell,prepared,strolled,turning,started,told,feeled,phoned,answeing,dose,cleaning.played,was,shined,got,flying,stood,-----> по моему так,я сейчас домой еду приеду проверю)