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Помогите пожалуйста!Сочинение для 6 класса на тему "London Zoo".Не меньше 10 предложений.Можно использывать как опору картинку.

Лондонский зоопарк.
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London zoo is one of the oldest zoo in the world. It is situated in the center of London in the Regent's Park. There  are about 5000 insects in the zoo and many different animals, birds and fishes (разновидностей рыб). You can see elephants, monkeys, wolves, bears and other wild animald at the zoo. There are also domestic animals such as horses, pigs, oxen, etc. There are many interesting places to visit and have fun at London zoo. The zoo has a wonderful Dolphinarium. You can see the Dolphin show and participate in it. You can ride a horse or a camel. The Soological society  of London is situated in London too. It is fighting to save endagered  animals, such sa panda, rhino, and othes.