СОСТАВИТЬ С ЭТИМИ СЛОВАМИ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ Т.Е ВСТАВИТЬ ИХ To watch the wildlife,to fall asleep. to join a club . to go on rides,to play board games, to save the animals1) When it is cold and windy, they stay at home and ______________.
Sam is always lucky in Monopoly but Ann prefers Scrabble.
2) This park has great fun for children and teenagers. They can __________ or enjoy other amazing activities.
3) Do you like to draw or to dance , to play chess or tennis ? Then you can ____________ any time during the school year.
4)Another way to learn more about natyre is to ____________ . You can do it everywhere : at the zoo , in the country or even in the centre of the city.
5) "I'm so tired that I could ___________ sitting on my chair", Emma said in a quiet voice.


Ответы и объяснения

1) play board games
2) join a club
3) go on rides
4) to watch the wildlife
5) fall asleep