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My favourite film is "White Bim Black Ear" by  Gabriel Topolsky that teaches us kindness and mercy, faithfulness and loyalty.
A big city. Single man and a faithful dog live in the same apartment. They are very attached to each other. But sick owner of the dog was taken to the hospital. He manages to say to Bim only one word "Wait!" And the dog understandshim  and he is waiting fir his frind.
Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of evil and unpleasant people, and Bim has to meet them in the image of the woman who hates dogs, the angry and cruel collector of dogs' collars, the hunter from a small village..
But fortunately, there are much more kind and responsive people in this world, and they help the poor dog. They take an active part in the fates of  Bim and its owner. This film teaches us to be faithful friends, shows us that hatred and betrayal  are the lowest traits.
The little boy, faced with cruelty adults, rebels against them, he told the most important words calling us to goodness and mercy, compassion and empathy.